Mirrored Muscle Man Clayton Cobb

Naked Muscleman Clayton Cobb

Being naked is great once, seeing it twice from two angles with a mirror is even better. Clayton’s a little shorter than some bodybuilders, but he brings the muscle just as much as the taller guys. Great naked definition, bulging pecs and a big, strong tool wrap up the package nicely. Naked muscle men coming in compact, powerful packages — we’ll take it!

Hot nude Latin muscle man

Ali Galani has a lot of admirable attributes — a finely sculpted physique, large muscles under smooth tan skin, low body fat and a handsome face. He’s not shy about showing us the goods either — a nicely sized Goldilocks cock, not too big and not too small, just right! But what we want to do is reach out and boop that outie bellybutton of his. Wonder what it’s like being a big tough guy with a cartoon navel that’s, well, cute as a button.

Naked heavyweight star Kevin

Kevin is a favorite here at Naked Muscle Men, and it’s easy to see why. This guy is a prime specimen of humanity — the size he maintains is almost intimidating, from his bulging traps all the way to his massive calves. He has one of the best v-shaped torsos you’ll find anywhere in the bodybuilding world. We hear that he’s started training for the upcoming competition season — we can’t wait to see the results of his hard work, but it’s hard to imagine he could look any better!

Get rid of the towel

Like the title of my blog post says, “Get rid of the towel”.  I think you will agree with me that this guy needs to get rid of the towel.  What a complete tease.  Showing off his muscles and muscular arms and thighs but not the goods.  Next time you decide to take a shower at least show the guys.

Check out these massive lats

Muscleman Zeb Atlas is large and in charge! This magnificent bodybuilder has a 52″ chest, 19″ biceps and enormous lats that make him one of a kind. He only gets bigger and better the further down you look! Zeb is a top star in the muscle worship world, and one of the biggest and best naked bodybuilders on the internet.

German Muscle Men

Stunning German muscle men shows off his large arms in this clean photo shot.  Kurt Beckmann is his name.  He peels off his light blue shirt.  Showing his massive chest and beautiful tan skin.  Kurt poses in several position in his tight blue jeans.  The only thing I don’t like about him are the big tattoos he has on his back.  Although they aren’t featured in the photos, you can still see them and that is enough for me.  Overall the pictures are really nice and worth viewing.  The guy is goregous and in great shape.

Tight Abs

Cesar Santiago shows off his tight abs.  This up and coming Junior bodybuilder has been hitting the gym hard.  You can tell that he has been doing thousands of crunches a day by his tight abs.  The man looks like a natural bodybuilder with his lean, toned look.  He fits perfectly in our Naked Muscle Men site.


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